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1585303 Stephen Jackson, Colin Groves Stephen Jackson, Colin Groves - Taxonomy of Australian Mammals CSIRO Publishing 2015/6/1 English 4 pdf GET
893867 G Dunn; Brian Everitt A introduction to mathematical taxonomy
0486435873, 9780486435879
Dover Publications Inc 162 English 43 pdf GET
963433 A. Ravishankar Rao (auth.) Springer Series in Perception Engineering
A Taxonomy for Texture Description and Identification [1 ed.]
978-1-4613-9779-3, 978-1-4613-9777-9
Springer-Verlag New York 1990 198 English 7 pdf GET
1157429 G. Dunn, B. S. Everitt Dover Books on Mathematics
An Introduction to Mathematical Taxonomy
0486477533, 9780486477534
Dover Publications 2004 C+viii+152+B English 3 pdf GET
1157354 G. Dunn, B. S. Everitt Dover Books on Mathematics
An Introduction to Mathematical Taxonomy
0486477533, 9780486477534
Dover Publications 2004 162 English 43 pdf GET
1398513 Claire Waterton, Rebecca Ellis, Brian Wynne Genetics and Society
Barcoding Nature: Shifting Cultures of Taxonomy in an Age of Biodiversity Loss
0415554799, 9780415554794
Routledge 2013 224 English 2 pdf GET
985040 Professor Dr. Friedrich Ruttner (auth.) Biogeography and Taxonomy of Honeybees [1 ed.]
978-3-642-72651-4, 978-3-642-72649-1
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 1988 284 English 9 pdf GET
678701 Jens C. Frisvad, P. D. Bridge, Dilip K. Arora Chemical fungal taxonomy [1 ed.]
0824700694, 9780824700690
Marcel Dekker 1998 English 3 epub GET
1048920 T. Swain (Eds.) Chemical Plant Taxonomy
978-0-12-395540-1, 9780323146241, 0323146244
Elsevier Science 1963 540 English 8 pdf GET
1067308 C. M. Fauquet (auth.), Dr. R. I. B. Francki, Dr. C. M. Fauquet, Dr. D. L. Knudson, Dr. F. Brown (eds.) Archives of Virology 2
Classification and Nomenclature of Viruses: Fifth Report of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses. Virology Division of the International Union of Microbiological Societies [1 ed.]
978-3-211-82286-9, 978-3-7091-9163-7
Springer-Verlag Wien 1991 450 English 14 pdf GET
1496688 Scott Krig Computer Vision Metrics Survey, Taxonomy, and Analysis APRESS open 2014 498 English 16 pdf GET
1290783 Scott Krig (auth.) Computer Vision Metrics: Survey, Taxonomy, and Analysis [1 ed.]
978-1-4302-5929-9, 978-1-4302-5930-5
Apress 2014 508 English 16 pdf GET
1524948 Scott Krig Computer Vision Metrics: Survey, Taxonomy, and Analysis
Apress 2014 508 English 17 pdf GET
1414888 Scott Krig Computer vision metrics: Survey, taxonomy, and analysis [1 ed.]
1430259299, 9781430259299
Apress 2014 498 English 16 pdf GET
1319848 Mark F. Watson, Chris Lyal, Colin Pendry Systematics Association Special Volume Series
Descriptive Taxonomy: The Foundation of Biodiversity Research [1 ed.]
0521761077, 9780521761079
Cambridge University Press 2015 340 English 7 pdf GET
1422904 Kendall, John S.; Marzano, Robert J Designing and Assessing Educational Objectives: Applying the New Taxonomy
1412940346, 978-1-4129-4034-4, 978-1-4129-4035-1, 1412940354
Corwin Press 2008 192 English 6 pdf GET
1109320 M.M. Grandtner (Auth.) Dictionary of South American Trees. Nomenclature, Taxonomy and Ecology Volume 2 [1 ed.]
Academic Press 2014 1159 English 12 pdf GET
1152310 M.M. Grandtner, Julien Chevrette Elsevier's Dictionary of Trees
Dictionary of Trees, Volume 2: South America: Nomenclature, Taxonomy and Ecology [1 ed.]
0123964903, 978-0-12-396490-8
Academic Press 2013 1172 English 12 pdf GET
288038 J. A Jeletzky Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Canada. No. 299
Eurasian Craspeditid genera Temnoptychites and Tollia in the lower Valanginian of Sverdrup Basin District of Franklin, with comments on taxonomy and nomenclature of Craspeditidae
0660015048, 9780660015040
1979 95 English 8 pdf GET
1447036 Viranta, S. Acta ZooIogica Fennica, 204
European Miocene Amphicyonidae - taxonomy, systematics and ecology
Finnish Zoological and Botanical Publishing Board 1996 62 English 26 pdf GET
1199029 John B. Biggs, Kevin F. Collis and Allen J. Edward (Auth.) Educational Psychology Series
Evaluating the Quality of Learning. The SOLO Taxonomy (Structure of the Observed Learning Outcome)
978-0-12-097552-5, 0120975521
Elsevier Inc, Academic Press 1982 245 English 15 pdf GET
1273492 R. M. T. Dahlgren, H. T. Clifford, Peter F. Yeo Families of the Monocotyledons: Structure, Evolution, and Taxonomy
038713655X, 9780387136554
Springer-Verlag 1985 520 English 16 djvu GET
904668 International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA nuclear energy series, no. NG-T-6.3
Fast reactor knowledge preservation system : taxonomy and basic requirements
9789201007087, 9201007086
International Atomic Energy Agency 2008 89 English 1 pdf GET
1446316 Eyualem-Abebe, Traunspurger, W., Andrássy, I. (Eds.) Freshwater nematodes: ecology and taxonomy
978-0-85199-009-5, 0-85199-009-6
CABI 2006 773 English 11 pdf GET
1200049 J. Chelkowski Topics in Secondary Metabolism
Fusarium. Mycotoxins, Taxonomy, Pathogenicity
978-0-444-87468-9, 0444874682
Elsevier 1989 504 English 29 pdf GET

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Oskar Perron
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Paul R. Halmos (auth.)
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