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1588508 Amjad Almusaed and Asaad Almssad Amjad Almusaed and Asaad Almssad - Insulation Materials in Context of Sustainability ExLi4EvA 2016 English 55 pdf GET
1572186 C. A. Bowers C. A. Bowers - Let Them Eat Data: How Computers Affect Education, Cultural Diversity, and the Prospects of Ecological Sustainability University of Georgia Press 2000 0 pdf GET
1687384 Geoffrey West Geoffrey West - Scale: The Universal Laws of Growth, Innovation, Sustainability, and the Pace of Life in Organisms, Cities, Economies, and Companies 0 0 epub GET
1572979 Michael Howlett, Jeremy Rayner, Jeremy Wilson Michael Howlett, Jeremy Rayner, Jeremy Wilson - In Search of Sustainability: British Columbia Forest Policy in the 1990s UBC Press 2002 English 22 pdf GET
513058 J. Timmons Roberts, Bradley C. Parks, A Climate of Injustice: Global Inequality, North-South Politics, and Climate Policy (Global Environmental Accord: Strategies for Sustainability and Institutional Innovation)
9780262681612, 0262681617, 0262182564, 9780262182560, 9781429457910
2006 418 English 5 pdf GET
1411575 Angela Espinosa, Jon Walker Series on Complexity Science
A Complexity Approach to Sustainability: Theory and Application [1 ed.]
1848165277, 9781848165274
World Scientific Publishing Company 2011 392 English 4 pdf GET
1191542 Josias Zietsman; National Research Council (U.S.). Transportation Research Board.; National Cooperative Highway Research Program.; American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.; United States. Federal Highway Administration.; et al Report (National Cooperative Highway Research Program), 708
A guidebook for sustainability performance measurement for transportation agencies
9780309213653, 0309213657
Transportation Research Board 2011 203 English 10 pdf GET
783691 Kurt Aagaard Nielsen, Bo Elling, Maria Figueroa, Erling Jelsøe Ashgate studies in environmental policy and practice
A New Agenda for Sustainability (Ashgate Studies in Environmental Policy and Practice)
0754679764, 978-0-7546-7976-9, 978-0-7546-9936-1, 0754699366
Ashgate 2010 316 English 5 pdf GET
1206006 Chi-wai Kan Sustainability
A Novel Green Treatment for Textiles: Plasma Treatment as a Sustainable Technology [1 ed.]
1439839441, 9781439839447
CRC Press 2014 311 English 3 pdf GET
1181930 Fred Andreas; et al A simple path to sustainability : green business strategies for small and medium-sized businesses
978-0-313-38270-3, 0313382700, 978-0-313-38269-7
Praeger 2011 xx, 253 p. : ill English 3 pdf GET
781580 Fred M. Andreas, Elizabeth S. Cooperman, Blair Gifford, Graham Russell A Simple Path to Sustainability: Green Business Strategies for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses [1 ed.]
0313382697, 9780313382697, 9780313382703
Praeger 2011 274 English 2 pdf GET
1441263 Evans, Neus; Lasen, Michelle; Tsey, Komla SpringerBriefs in public health
A systematic review of rural development research : characteristics, design quality and engagement with sustainability
978-3-319-17283-5, 3319172832, 978-3-319-17284-2, 3319172840
Springer International Publishing, Cham 2015 63 English 1 epub GET
1334617 Neus Evans, Michelle Lasen, Komla Tsey (auth.) SpringerBriefs in Public Health
A Systematic Review of Rural Development Research: Characteristics, Design Quality and Engagement with Sustainability [1 ed.]
978-3-319-17283-5, 978-3-319-17284-2
Springer International Publishing 2015 63 English 2 pdf GET
990760 Nitin Mantri, Vikas Patade, Suprasanna Penna (auth.), Parvaiz Ahmad, M.N.V. Prasad (eds.) Abiotic Stress Responses in Plants: Metabolism, Productivity and Sustainability [1 ed.]
978-1-4614-0633-4, 978-1-4614-0634-1
Springer-Verlag New York 2012 473 English 7 pdf GET
819184 Nitin Mantri, Vikas Patade, Suprasanna Penna (auth.), Parvaiz Ahmad, M.N.V. Prasad (eds.) Abiotic Stress Responses in Plants: Metabolism, Productivity and Sustainability [1 ed.]
1461406331, 9781461406334
Springer-Verlag New York 2012 473 English 7 pdf GET
1344527 Lucrezia Songini,Anna Pistoni,Christian Herzig, et al.Emerald Group Publishing Limited|Emerald Group Publishing Limited||Adult NonfictionFinance, ManagementLanguage(s): EnglishOn sale date: 13.12.2013Street date: 13.12.2013 Studies in Managerial and Financial Accounting
Accounting and Control for Sustainability
Emerald Group Publishing Limited 2013 261 English 3 epub GET
1052921 Takamitsu Sawa, Susumu Iai, Seiji Ikkatai (editors) Sustainability science
Achieving global sustainability: policy recommendations
9280811843, 9789280811841
United Nations University Press 2011 364 English 13 pdf GET
1510733 Professor Ravindra K Dhir, Dr Thomas D Dyer, Dr Moray D Newlands 6th International Congress of Global Construction
Achieving Sustainability In Construction Proceedings of the International Conference held at the University of Dundee, Scotland, UK on 5–6 July 2005
0727734040, 9780727734044
Thomas Telford Publishing 2005 458 English 25 pdf GET
757128 Ann Dale, John Bridger Robinson Sustainability and the environment 3
Achieving sustainable development
0774805560, 9780774805568
UBC Press 1996 321 English 17 pdf GET
825239 Ken Wilkening Acid Rain Science and Politics in Japan: A History of Knowledge and Action toward Sustainability (Politics, Science, and the Environment)
0262731665, 9780262731669, 0262232359, 9780262232357
The MIT Press 2004 341 English 814 pdf GET
172493 I.r. Kennedy Research Studies in Botany and Related Applied Fields
Action in Ecosystems Biothermodynamics for Sustainability [1 ed.]
086380232X, 9780863802324, 9780585445861
Research Studies Pre 2001 268 English 5 pdf GET
903562 Mario E Moreira Adapting configuration management for Agile teams : balancing sustainability and speed
9780470749760, 0470749768
Wiley 2010 283 English 2 pdf GET
403369 Mario E. Moreira Adapting Configuration Management for Agile Teams: Balancing Sustainability and Speed [1 ed.]
0470746637, 9780470746639, 0470749768, 9780470749760
2009 302 English 3 pdf GET
1328973 Derek Armitage, Fikret Berkes, Nancy Doubleday Sustainability and the Environment
Adaptive Co-Management: Collaboration, Learning, and Multi-Level Governance
0774813830, 9780774813839
University of British Columbia Press 2007 344 English 4 pdf GET
444945 D. G. Webster Adaptive Governance: The Dynamics of Atlantic Fisheries Management (Global Environmental Accord: Strategies for Sustainability and Institutional Innovation)
0262232707, 9780262232708, 9781435681743
2008 411 English 2 pdf GET

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Pillay A.
A.N. Parshin, I.R. Shafarevich, I. Rivin, V.S. Kulikov, P.F. Kurchanov, V.V. Shokurov
Манин Ю.И.
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