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24003 Dettmar J. A Finite Element Implementation of Mooney-Rivlin's Strain Energy Function In Abaqus 2000 68 English 5 pdf GET
454483 HALTON Advances in Strained and Interesting Organic Molecules, Volume 8, Volume 8
0762306319, 9780762306312, 9780080552231
2000 276 English 10 pdf GET
2168 Alexey V. Porubov Series on Stability, Vibration and Control of Systems, Series a, 9
Amplification of nonlinear strain waves in solids [draft ed.]
9789812383266, 9812383263
World Scientific Publishing Company 2003 227 English 3 pdf GET
172679 Alexey V. Porubov Series on stability, vibration, and control of systems. Series A 9
Amplification of Nonlinear Strain Waves in Solids
9789812383266, 981-238-326-3
World Scientific 2003 228 English 7 pdf GET
583699 Alexey V. Porubov Amplification of Nonlinear Strain Waves in Solids (Series on Stability, Vibration and Control of Systems, Series a, 9)
9812383263, 9789812383266, 9789812794291
2003 228 English 8 pdf GET
726400 Karl Hoffmann An Introduction to Measurements using Strain Gages 273 English 7 pdf GET
1347753 Trudi Strain Trueit 21st Century Skills Innovation Library: Innovation in Entertainment
Cherry Lake Publishing 2008 36 English 1 pdf GET
1468050 Plamen Demirev, Todd R. Sandrin (eds.) Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Microbiology: From Strain Characterization to Rapid Screening for Antibiotic Resistance [1 ed.]
978-3-319-26068-6, 978-3-319-26070-9
Springer International Publishing 2016 VIII, 336 English 10 pdf GET
882004 Atlas of stress strain curves [Second ed.]
ASM International 2002 822 English 45 pdf GET
910853 ASM International Atlas of stress-strain curves [2nd ed]
087170739X, 9780871707390
ASM International 2002 822 English 13 djvu GET
881817 Y. Tamarin Atlas of Stress-Strain Curves
ASM International 2002 808 English 19 pdf GET
95199 Firth D.R. Balanced constant current excitation for dynamic strain measurements 9 English 376 pdf GET
806633 Trudi Strain Trueit Backyard Safari
1608702421, 9781608702428
Benchmark Books 2011 33 English 5 pdf GET
764930 Otilia Hedesan (coord.), Elena Jebelean, Florentina Leucutia, Nicoleta Musat, Dana Percec, Corina Popa Bun venit în România! Manual de limbă română şi de orientare culturală pentru străini
MIRTON 2008 304 Romanian,Moldavian,Moldovan 10 pdf GET
1421884 S. T. Oner, The Rev Cannabis Indica Volume 3: The Essential Guide to the World's Finest Marijuana Strains
978-1-937866-10-5, 1937866106
Green Candy Press (Perseus) 2014 English 30 epub GET
1377797 Oner, S. T Cannabis Sativa. Volume 3, The essential guide to the world's finest marijuana strains
978-1-937866-05-1, 193786605X
Green Candy Press,Perseus Books, LLC 2014 230 English 279 epub GET
1409878 Giovanni Sartori Ce facem cu strainii_Pluralism vs Multiculturalism 0 89 Romanian 83 pdf GET
1109968 Phillip S. Strain, Michael J. Guralnick and Hill M. Walker (Eds.) Children's Social Behavior. Development, Assessment, and Modification [1 ed.]
978-0-12-673455-3, 0-12-673455-0
Academic Press 1986 456 English 7 pdf GET
1128474 S. Jain, M. Willander, R. Van Overstraeten (auth.) Electronic Materials Series 7
Compound Semiconductors Strained Layers and Devices [1 ed.]
978-0-7923-7769-6, 978-1-4615-4441-8
Springer US 2000 337 English 8 pdf GET
1143971 Kozo Kawata, Masaaki Itabashi (auth.), Prof. Dr. Kozo Kawata, Prof. Dr. Jumpei Shioiri (eds.) IUTAM Symposia
Constitutive Relation in High/Very High Strain Rates: IUTAM Symposium, Noda, Japan October 16–19, 1995 [1 ed.]
978-4-431-65949-5, 978-4-431-65947-1
Springer Japan 1996 240 English 11 pdf GET
738887 George M. Strain Deafness in Dogs and Cats [1 ed.]
1845937643, 9781845937645
CABI 2011 158 English 1 pdf GET
1178886 FABIG Technical Note 6
Design Guide for Steel at Elevated Temperatures and High Strain Rates
978-1-61344-761-1, 978-1-61503-832-9
Steel Construction Institute (SCI) 2001 67 English 4 pdf GET
948967 Ekhard K. H. Salje, Jason C. Lashley (auth.), Tomoyuki Kakeshita, Takashi Fukuda, Avadh Saxena, Antoni Planes (eds.) Springer Series in Materials Science 148
Disorder and Strain-Induced Complexity in Functional Materials [1 ed.]
978-3-642-20942-0, 978-3-642-20943-7
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2012 308 English 10 pdf GET
538967 Justin Richards Doctor Who The Deviant Strain
1846073006, 9781846073007
BBC Book Publishing 2005 197 English 675 pdf GET
473724 Emil Pascarelli M.D. Dr. Pascarelli's Complete Guide to Repetitive Strain Injury: What You Need to Know About RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [1 ed.]
0471388432, 9780471388432
Wiley 2004 272 English 5 pdf GET

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 Кухаркин Е.С.
Варвак П.М., Рябов А.Ф. (ред.)
Маклейн С. (MacLane S.)
Trygve Johnsen, Andreas Leopold Knutsen
Булос Дж., Джеффри Р. (G.S.Boolos,R.C.Jeffrey)
John Skilling, Sibusio Sibisi
Бутузов В.Ф., и др. (ред.)
Эйлер Л.
Sarason D.
Акивис М.А., Гольдберг В.В.
Схоутен Я.А. (Schouten J.A.)
Lars Hörmander
Abraham A. Ungar
Jeff Cheeger, Mikhail Gromov, Christian Okonek, Pierre Pansu, Paolo DeBartolomeis, Franco Tricerri
Iris Lee Anshel (auth.), Paul Latiolais (eds.)
John McCleary
Andrew Ranicki, E. Winkelnkemper
Alan Weinstein

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