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1694889 John Collinson, Nigel Mountney, David Thompson John Collinson, Nigel Mountney, David Thompson - Sedimentary Structures: Third Edition Dunedin Academic Press Ltd. 2006 English 24 pdf GET
621808 R J Davies, J A Cartwright, S A Stewart, M Lappin and J R Underhill Geological Society Memoir 29
3D Seismic Technology: Application to the Exploration of Sedimentary Basins
1862391513, 9781862391512
Geological Society of London 2006 350 English 69 pdf GET
1323420 A. E. Adams, W. S. MacKenzie A Colour Atlas of Carbonate Sediments and Rocks under the Microscope
1874545839, 9781874545835
Manson Publishing Ltd. 1999 180 English 102 pdf GET
919510 A E Adams; W S MacKenzie A colour atlas of carbonate sediments and rocks under the microscope
9781840765403, 1840765402
Manson 1998 181 English 37 pdf GET
784889 Anne Mather, Jose M. Martin, Adrian Harvey, Juan Braga A Field Guide to the Neogene Sedimentary Basins of the Almeria Province, South-East Spain [1 ed.]
0632059192, 9780632059195
Wiley-Blackwell 2001 359 English 191 pdf GET
931780 Dr. Saulo Rodrigues-Filho, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. German Müller (auth.) Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences 88
A Holocene Sedimentary Record from Lake Silvana, SE Brazil: Evidence for Paleoclimatic Changes from Mineral, Trace-Metal and Pollen Data [1 ed.]
3540662057, 9783540662051
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 1999 98 English 5 pdf GET
632349 Saulo Rodrigues-Filho, German Muller A Holocene Sedimentary Record from Lake Silvana, Se Brazil: Evidence for Paleoclimatic Changes from Mineral, Trace-Metal, and Pollen Data (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences)
3540662057, 9783540662051
Springer 1999 100 English 5 pdf GET
629891 Herman Depeweg, Nestor Mendez V. A New Approach of Sediment Transport in the Design and Operation of Irrigation Canals (Unesco-Ihe Lecture Note Series) [1 ed.]
0415426936, 9780415426930, 9780203945810
Taylor & Francis 2006 240 English 1 pdf GET
1377831 Méndez V., Néstor J.; Depeweg, Herman UNESCO-IHE lecture note series
A new approach to sediment transport in the design and operation of irrigation canals
978-0-203-94581-0, 0203945816, 9781280858543, 1280858540
Taylor & Francis 2007 227 English 1 pdf GET
1019298 Herman Depeweg; Néstor J Méndez V UNESCO-IHE lecture note series
A new approach to sediment transport in the design and operation of irrigation canals
9780203945810, 0203945816
Taylor & Francis 2007 227 English 5 pdf GET
1074215 Roy C. Lindholm (auth.) A Practical Approach to Sedimentology
978-94-011-7685-9, 978-94-011-7683-5
Springer Netherlands 1987 291 English 8 pdf GET
821284 Ruediger Stein Accumulation of organic carbon in marine sediments: results from the Deep Sea Drilling Project Ocean Drilling Program (DSDP ODP)
0387538135, 9780387538136
Springer 1991 229 English 14 pdf GET
723726 Committee on the Evaluation of Chesapeake Bay Program Implementation for Nutrient Reduction to Improve Water Quality, National Research Council Achieving Nutrient and Sediment Reduction Goals in the Chesapeake Bay: An Evaluation of Program Strategies and Implementation
0309210798, 9780309210799
National Academies Press 2011 259 English 6 pdf GET
1042673 J.J. FRIPIAT (Eds.) Developments in Sedimentology 34
Advanced Techniques for Clay Mineral Analysis
Academic Press, Elsevier 1982 iii-iv, 1-235 4 pdf GET
1197799 Shoji Fukuoka Advances in River Sediment Research
978-1-315-85658-2, 1315856581, 978-1-138-00062-9
CRC Press 2013 228 pages English 16 pdf GET
821010 Kenneth Pye, N. Lancaster Aeolian sediments: ancient and modern
0632035447, 9780632035441
John Wiley & Sons 1993 169 English 31 pdf GET
644057 R.C. Selley (Eds.) Sedimentary Basins of the World 3
African Basins [1 ed.]
0444825711, 9780444825711
Elsevier Science 1997 3-394 English 36 pdf GET
821131 Adrian M. Harvey, Anne E. Mather, Martin R. Stokes Alluvial fans: geomorphology, sedimentology, dynamics [1 ed.]
1862391890, 9781862391895
Geological Society 2005 234 English 8 pdf GET
995626 Alluvial Sedimentation
9780632035458, 9781444303995
The International Association of Sedimentologists 1993 575 English 809 pdf GET
172675 Wladyslaw Altermann, Patricia Corcoran Special Publication 33 of the IAS
Altermann Precambrian Sedimentary Environments-A Modern Approach to Ancient Depositional Systems 063 [1 ed.]
0-632-06415-3, 978-0-632-06415-1
Wiley-Blackwell 2002 450 English 16 pdf GET
652662 M. J. Aitken An Introduction to Optical Dating: The Dating of Quaternary Sediments by the Use of Photon-stimulated Luminescence
0198540922, 9780198540922
Oxford University Press, USA 1998 279 English 13 pdf GET
261349 Poppe de Boer, George Postma, Kees van der Zwan, Peter Burgess, Peter Kukla Special Publication 40 of the IAS) (International Association Of Sedimentologists Series
Analogue and Numerical Modelling of Sedimentary Systems: From Understanding to Prediction [1 ed.]
9781405189309, 1405189304
Wiley-Blackwell 2008 321 English 35 pdf GET
1487185 Crompton, Thomas Roy Analysis of Oceanic Waters and Sediments
978-1-4987-0153-2, 1498701531
CRC Press 2016 English 10 pdf GET
1079219 Douglas W. Lewis, David McConchie (auth.) Analytical Sedimentology [1 ed.]
978-1-4613-6131-2, 978-1-4615-2636-0
Springer US 1994 197 English 7 pdf GET
984104 Professor Jean-Claude Gall (auth.) Ancient Sedimentary Environments and the Habitats of Living Organisms: Introduction to Palaeoecology
978-3-642-68911-6, 978-3-642-68909-3
Springer Berlin Heidelberg 1983 XXII, 219 pp. 137 figs. English 8 pdf GET

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 Kenji Ueno
Молодший В.Н.
Перетятькин М.Г.
Харин Н.Н.
Emmanuel Letellier (auth.)
Chen, Goldenfeld, Oono.
Гийемен, Стернберг.
Эскин Л.Д.
Werner H.
Тихомандрицкий М.
Pavol Quittner, Philippe Souplet
Дороговцев А.Я.
Armitage J.V., Eberlein W.F.
Abbas Bahri; Yongzhong Xu
Стинрод Н.
A. E. R. Woodcock, T. Poston (auth.)
Lynn Arthur Steen, J. Arthur Seebach Jr.
Рохлин В.А., Фукс Д.Б.
Bertsekas D.P., Tsitsiklis J.N.
James Blowey, Alan Craig
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