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650192 Richard Spinello, Maria Bottis A Defense of Intellectual Property Rights
1847203957, 9781847203953
Edward Elgar Pub 2009 229 English 3 pdf GET
397053 Committee on Intellectual Property Rights in the Knowledge-Based Economy, National Research Council, Stephen A. Merrill, Richard C. Levin, Mark B. Myers A Patent System for the 21st Century
0309089107, 9780309089104, 9780309567060
National Academies Press 2004 188 English 4 pdf GET
1446270 Agriculture and intellectual property rights: economic, institutional and implementation issues in biotechnology
CABI 2000 271 English 2 pdf GET
1075399 Doris A. Fuchs (auth.) Environment & Policy 35
An Institutional Basis for Environmental Stewardship: The Structure and Quality of Property Rights [1 ed.]
978-90-481-6166-9, 978-94-017-0709-1
Springer Netherlands 2003 180 English 3 pdf GET
530942 Darrell A. Posey, Graham Dutfield Beyond Intellectual Property: Toward Traditional Resource Rights for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities [annotated edition]
088936799X, 9780889367999, 9781552500552
1996 250 English 19 pdf GET
1294094 Kshitij Kumar Singh (auth.) Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Rights: Legal and Social Implications [1 ed.]
978-81-322-2058-9, 978-81-322-2059-6
Springer India 2015 254 English 2 pdf GET
469345 Claude Barfield Biotechnology and the Patent System: Balancing Innovation and Property Rights
0844742562, 9780844742564
2007 132 English 378 pdf GET
637053 E. Richard Gold Body Parts: Property Rights and the Ownership of Human Biological Materials
0878406174, 9780878406173, 9780585220673
English 448 epub GET
456258 James L. Huston Calculating the Value of the Union: Slavery, Property Rights, and the Economic Origins of the Civil War (Civil War America)
0807828041, 9780807828045, 9780807861684
2003 464 English 2 pdf GET
575718 James L. Huston Calculating the Value of the Union: Slavery, Property Rights, and the Economic Origins of the Civil War (Civil War America)
0807828041, 9780807828045, 9780807861684
2003 413 English 2 pdf GET
1417989 Anthea Kraut Choreographing Copyright: Race, Gender, and Intellectual Property Rights in American Dance [1 ed.]
0199360367, 9780199360369
Oxford University Press 2015 336 English 9 pdf GET
1532710 Bruce Kilpatrick, Pierre Kobel, Pranvera Këllezi (eds.) LIDC Contributions on Antitrust Law, Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition
Compatibility of Transactional Resolutions of Antitrust Proceedings with Due Process and Fundamental Rights & Online Exhaustion of IP Rights [1 ed.]
978-3-319-27157-6, 978-3-319-27158-3
Springer International Publishing 2016 XIII, 679 English 6 pdf GET
482086 Gary D. Libecap Contracting for Property Rights (Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions)
0521449049, 9780521449045
1994 144 English 4 pdf GET
441307 Timothy Sandefur Cornerstone of Liberty: Property Rights in 21st Century America
193086597X, 9781930865976
2006 168 English 4 pdf GET
1398500 Radha Ivory Corruption, Asset Recovery, and the Protection of Property in Public International Law: The Human Rights of Bad Guys
1107058503, 9781107058507
Cambridge University Press 2014 403 English 2 pdf GET
657196 Robert Deacon Creating Marine Assets: Property Rights in Ocean Fisheries, PERC Policy Series: PS-43, March 2009
41 English 1 pdf GET
1188399 Vera Sophie Schiemer (auth.) Das Property Rights Equity Concept: Vorschlag zur Eigenkapitalabgrenzung im Kontext der internationalen Rechnungslegung [1 ed.]
978-3-8349-2835-1, 978-3-8349-6199-0
Gabler Verlag 2011 236 German 1 pdf GET
643179 Nicola Lucchi Digital Media & Intellectual Property: Management of Rights and Consumer Protection in a Comparative Analysis [1 ed.]
3540365419, 9783540365419, 9781429412919
Springer 2006 180 English 1 pdf GET
1025265 Dr. Nicola Lucchi (auth.) Digital Media & Intellectual Property: Management of Rights and Consumer Protection in a Comparative Analysis [1 ed.]
978-3-540-36541-9, 978-3-540-36543-3
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006 171 English 803 pdf GET
1474160 Carine Peeters, Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie (eds.) Applied Econometrics Association Series
Economic and Management Perspectives on Intellectual Property Rights
978-1-349-52589-8, 978-0-230-50474-5, 978-0-333-71460-7
Palgrave Macmillan UK 2006 English 923 pdf GET
537847 Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, Carine Peeters Economic and Management Perspectives on Intellectual Property Rights (Applied Econometrics Association)
1403949638, 9781403949639, 9780230504745
2006 258 English 980 pdf GET
682691 Rose Anne Devlin, R. Quentin Grafton Economic Rights and Environmental Wrongs: Property Rights for the Common Good
1840643285, 9781840643282
Edward Elgar Pub 2000 English 425 epub GET
1379893 Carmen Diana Deere, Magdalena Leon Pitt Latin American Studies
Empowering Women: Land And Property Rights In Latin America [1 ed.]
0822941619, 9780822941613
University of Pittsburgh Press 2001 512 English 2 pdf GET
438856 Jane Lambert Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights
0566087146, 9780566087141, 9780754694267
2009 192 English 2 pdf GET
659480 George Clack (Editor) Focus On Intellectual Property Rights
112 English 2 pdf GET

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