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1024410 Dr. Kerstin Press (auth.) Contributions to Economics
A Life Cycle for Clusters?: The Dynamics of Agglomeration, Change, and Adaption [1 ed.]
978-3-7908-1710-2, 978-3-7908-1763-8
Physica-Verlag Heidelberg 2006 245 English 2 pdf GET
414182 Kerstin Press A Life Cycle for Clusters?: The Dynamics of Agglomeration, Change, and Adaption (Contributions to Economics) [1 ed.]
3790817104, 9783790817102, 9783790817638
2006 245 English 2 pdf GET
564494 by Shanai Ardi. A model and implementation of a security plug-in for the software life cycle
124 English 1 pdf GET
227925 Burton G. Malkiel A random walk down Wall Street: including a life-cycle guide to personal investing [Revised and Updated]
9780393047813, 0393047814, 0071469613, 0071452257
Norton 1999 433 English 5 pdf GET
1362531 Paulo J. da Sousa Cruz, Dan M. Frangopol, Luis C. Canhoto Neves Advances in Bridge Maintenance, Safety Management, and Life-Cycle Performance, Set of Book & CD-ROM: Proceedings of the Third International Conference ... 16-19 July 2006, Porto, Portugal - IABMAS '06
0415403154, 9780415403153
CRC Press 2006 1126 English 30 pdf GET
277082 Shozo Takata, Shozo Takata; Yasushi Umeda Advances in Life Cycle Engineering for Sustainable Manufacturing Businesses: Proceedings of the 14th CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, June 11th-13th, 2007 [1 ed.]
1846289343, 9781846289347
Springer 2007 474 English 9 pdf GET
1336129 William R. Wessels, Daniel Sillivant Affordable Reliability Engineering: Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Sustainability & Logistical Support
1482219646, 9781482219647
CRC Press 2015 378 English 5 pdf GET
1024926 Frank Werner (auth.) ECO-Efficiency in Industry and Science 17
Ambiguities in Decision-oriented Life Cycle Inventories: The Role of Mental Models and Values [1 ed.]
978-1-4020-3253-0, 978-1-4020-3254-7
Springer Netherlands 2005 400 English 8 pdf GET
663684 Frank Werner Eco-Efficiency in Industry and Science
Ambiguities in Decision-oriented Life Cycle Inventories: The Role of Mental Models and Values (Eco-Efficiency in Industry and Science) [1 ed.]
1402032536, 9781402032530
Springer 2005 418 English 8 pdf GET
1198749 Rosemary Rock-Evans (Auth.) v. 2
Analysis Within the Systems Development Life-Cycle. Book 2: Data Analysis–the Methods
978-0-08-034101-9, 0080341012
Elsevier Ltd, Pergamon Press 1987 360 English 15 pdf GET
1198750 Rosemary Rock-Evans (Auth.) v. 3
Analysis Within the Systems Development Life-Cycle. Book 3: Activity Analysis–the Deliverables
978-0-08-034102-6, 0080341020
Elsevier Ltd, Pergamon 1987 384 English 14 pdf GET
1198751 Rosemary Rock-Evans (Auth.) Analysis Within the Systems Development Life-Cycle. Book 4: Activity Analysis–the Methods
978-0-08-034103-3, 0080341039
Elsevier Ltd, Pergamon Press 1987 600 English 22 pdf GET
1198748 Rosemary Rock-Evans (Auth.) v. 1
Analysis Within the Systems Development Life-Cycle. Data Analysis–the Deliverables
978-0-08-034100-2, 0080341004
Elsevier Ltd, Pergamon Press 1987 300 English 20 pdf GET
848843 Oxford Read and Discover 5
Animal Life Cycles
Oxford University Press 2010 30 English 29 pdf GET
1019757 Tilden Wayne Perry Animal feeding and nutrition
Animal life-cycle feeding and nutrition
9780323138918, 0323138918
Elsevier Science 1984 336 English 13 pdf GET
1504523 Campbell, John D.; McGlynn, Joel; Jardine, Andrew Kennedy Skilling Asset management excellence : optimizing equipment life-cycle decisions [2nd ed]
978-0-8493-0324-1, 0849303249, 9781628705942, 1628705949
CRC Press 2011 474 English 10 pdf GET
1028256 John D. Campbell, Andrew K.S. Jardine, Joel McGlynn Dekker Mechanical Engineering
Asset Management Excellence: Optimizing Equipment Life-Cycle Decisions, Second Edition [2 ed.]
0849303001, 9780849303005
CRC Press 2010 496 English 6 pdf GET
815894 Telli van der Lei (auth.), Telli Van der Lei, Paulien Herder, Ype Wijnia (eds.) Asset Management: The State of the Art in Europe from a Life Cycle Perspective [1 ed.]
9400727232, 9789400727236
Springer Netherlands 2012 174 English 4 pdf GET
526220 Colin Parkes Attachment Across the Life Cycle [Reprint ed.]
0415056519, 9780415056519, 9780203132470
1993 320 English 2 pdf GET
864676 Phil J. Jackman B0761 Working Party Report on the Life Cycle Costing of Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry: A Guideline (EFC 32) (matsci)
1902653858, 9781902653853
Maney Materials Science 2003 64 English 2 pdf GET
1164659 Walter Klöpffer (eds.) LCA Compendium – The Complete World of Life Cycle Assessment
Background and Future Prospects in Life Cycle Assessment [1 ed.]
978-94-017-8696-6, 978-94-017-8697-3
Springer Netherlands 2014 262 English 5 pdf GET
1041649 Dan M. Frangopol (Ed.), Richard Sause (Ed.), Chad S. Kusko (Ed.) Bridge Maintenance, Safety, Management and Life-Cycle Optimization: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 11-15 July 2010
9780415891370, 041589137X, 978-0-415-87786-2
CRC Press 2010 xliii, 700 English 11 pdf GET
984210 J. O. Nriagu (auth.), J. O. Nriagu (eds.) Dahlem Workshop Reports, Life Sciences Research Report 28
Changing Metal Cycles and Human Health: Report of the Dahlem Workshop on Changing Metal Cycles and Human Health, Berlin 1983, March 20–25 [1 ed.]
978-3-642-69316-8, 978-3-642-69314-4
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 1984 446 English 8 pdf GET
1109689 R. D. Norton and Edwin S. Mills (Auth.) City Life-Cycles and American Urban Policy. Studies in Urban Economics
Academic Press 1979 186 English 4 pdf GET
1178860 Frey, Markus (Eds.) Closed-Loop Product Life Cycle Management - Using Smart Embedded Systems
978-1-61344-810-6, 978-0-87335-358-8, 978-1-936007-61-5
ISA 2011 381 English 6 pdf GET

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 Frank C. Hoppensteadt (auth.)
Заблонский, Белоконев, Щекин.

Шихирев Л.Н.
Alain Connes
Мешалкин Л.Д. (ред.)
Артин Э.
Kupershmidt B.A.
Yehuda Pinchover, Jacob Rubinstein
Фихтенгольц Г.М.
Klaus D. Bierstedt, José Bonet, Manuel Maestre and Jean Schmets (Eds.)
Марченко В.А.
Crawley E.S., Evans H.B.
M Andrea De Cataldo
Gibson C.G.
Kleiman S.L.
Виноградов И.М.
Kahaner D., Moler C., Nash S.
Alfio Quarteroni, Fausto Saleri, Paola Gervasio (auth.)
Дулан Е., Миллер Дж., Шилдерс У.
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