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903419 American Council for the United Nations University A brief overview of potential environmental pollution and health hazards resulting from possible military uses of nanotechnology with implications for research priorities helpful to prevent and/or reduce such pollution and hazards : results from a two-round expert delphi Millennium Project of the American Council for the United Nations University 2005 1656 English 8 pdf GET
133541 May S. A Cautionary Note on the Use of the Gronnesby and Borgan Goodness-of-fit Test for the Cox Proportional Hazards Mode 2004 9 English 104 pdf GET
907661 Bott, T.F.; Eisenhawer, S.W.; Los Alamos National Laboratory.; United States. Dept. of Energy.; United States. Dept. of Energy. Office of Scientific and Technical Information A hazards analysis of a nuclear explosives dismantlement LANL 1995 English 1 PDF GET
1148000 Eric VanMarcke American Society of Civil Engineers: Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering
Acceptable Risk Processes: Lifelines and Natural Hazards
0784406235, 978-0-7844-0623-6, 978-0-7277-3185-2, 978-0-7844-0765-3, 978-0-7844-0598-7, 978-07844-0815-5, 978-0-7844-0694-6, 978-07277-3467-9, 978-0-7844-0891-9, 0-7844-0891-2
Amer Society of Civil Engineers 2002 248 English 5 pdf GET
1180829 Bruce C. Glavovic, Gavin P. Smith (eds.) Environmental Hazards
Adapting to Climate Change: Lessons from Natural Hazards Planning [1 ed.]
978-94-017-8630-0, 978-94-017-8631-7
Springer Netherlands 2014 461 English 11 pdf GET
1487679 ASME Innovative Technologies Institute LLC All-hazards risk and resilience : prioritizing critical infrastructure using the RAMCAP Plus approach [1st ed.]
978-0-7918-0287-8, 0791802876
ASME 2009 155 English 2 pdf GET
69352 Susan L. Cutter <i>Natural Hazards and Disasters: Reducing Loss and Building Sustainability in a Hazardous World</i>: A Series
American Hazardscapes: The Regionalization of Hazards and Disasters (2001)(en)(226s)
9780309074438, 0-309-07443-6
Joseph Henry Press 2002 228 English 10 pdf GET
504671 Susan L. Cutter American Hazardscapes: The Regionalization of Hazards and Disasters (Natural Hazards and Disasters)
0309074436, 9780309074438, 9780309512145
2002 226 English 7 pdf GET
1059787 Dr. Immo Querner (auth.) Microeconomic Studies
An Economic Analysis of Severe Industrial Hazards [1 ed.]
978-3-7908-0678-6, 978-3-642-95898-4
Physica-Verlag Heidelberg 1993 272 English 6 pdf GET
66753 Song X., Davidian N., Tsiatis A.A. An estimator for the proportional hazards model with multiple longitudinal covariates measured with error 2002 18 English 354 pdf GET
995673 Ancient Floods, Modern Hazards
9780875903545, 9781118665701
American Geophysical Union 2002 381 English 14 pdf GET
723394 Committee on Animals as Monitors of Environmental Hazards, Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology, National Research Council Animals as Sentinels of Environmental Health Hazards
0309040469, 9780309040464
National Academies Press 1991 173 English 591 pdf GET
819068 Bill St. John AAPG Studies in Geology volume 31
Antarctica As an Exploration Frontier - Hydrocarbon Potential, Geology, and Hazards (AAPG Studies in Geology 31) [AAPG Studies in Geology #31 ed.]
0891810390, 9780891810391
American Association of Petroleum Geologists 1991 157 English 15 pdf GET
1144348 Masahiko Oya (auth.) Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research 15
Applied Geomorphology for Mitigation of Natural Hazards [1 ed.]
978-94-010-3804-1, 978-94-010-0961-4
Springer Netherlands 2001 179 English 9 pdf GET
1144330 Peter K. Trabant Ph.D. (auth.) Applied High-Resolution Geophysical Methods: Offshore Geoengineering Hazards [1 ed.]
978-94-009-6495-2, 978-94-009-6493-8
Springer Netherlands 1984 265 English 11 pdf GET
894395 John P Tiefenbacher Approaches to managing disaster : assessing hazards, emergencies and disaster impacts
9789535102946, 953510294X
InTech 2012 174 English 16 pdf GET
1097921 R. O. McClellan, R. G. Cuddihy, W. C. Griffith, J. L. Mauderly (auth.), Ulrich Mohr Dr. med., David V. Bates M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.C.P.C, F.A.C.P., F.R.S.C., Donald L. Dungworth Ph.D., M.R.C.V.S, Peter N. Lee M.A., Roger O. McClellan D.V.M., Francis J. C. Roe D.M., D.Sc., F.R.C.Path. (eds.) ILSI Monographs
Assessment of Inhalation Hazards: Integration and Extrapolation Using Diverse Data [1 ed.]
978-3-642-74608-6, 978-3-642-74606-2, 0-387-18301-9, 0-387-17822-8, 0-387-19511-4, 3-540-50952-6
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 1989 382 English 9 pdf GET
1289276 David Alexander; Jörn Birkmann; Stefan Kienberger Assessment of vulnerability to natural hazards : a European perspective [1 ed.]
978-0-12-410528-7, 9780124105485, 0124105483, 0124105289
Elsevier 2014 223 English 21 pdf GET
754281 Piers Blaikie, Terry Cannon, Ian Davis, Ben Wisner At Risk: Natural Hazards, People's Vulnerability and Disasters [2 ed.]
0-415-25215-6, 9780415252157, 9780203428764, 0-203-42876-5, 0-203-43924-4, 0-415-25216-4, 9781134528608, 1134528604
Routledge 2003 465 English 4 pdf GET
430023 Ben Wisner At Risk: Natural Hazards, People's Vulnerability and Disasters [2nd ed.]
0415252164, 9780415252164
2003 496 English 4 pdf GET
61655 Chen Y.Q., Hu C., Wang Y. Attributable risk function in the proportional hazards model for censored time-to-event 2006 15 English 287 pdf GET
237843 Laurence G. Britton A CCPS Concept Book
Avoiding Static Ignition Hazards in Chemical Operations
0-8169-0800-1, 9780816908004
Wiley-AIChE 1999 302 English 2 pdf GET
134265 Laurence G. Britton A CCPS Concept Book
Avoiding Static Ignition Hazards In Chemical Operations
9780816908004, 0816908001
Wiley-AIChE 1999 302 English 2 rar GET
903832 Dave Barry Babies & other hazards of sex : how to make a tiny person in only 9 months, with tools you probably have around the home
0878575103, 9780878575107
Rodale Press 1984 English 268 doc GET
903833 Dave Barry Babies & other hazards of sex : how to make a tiny person in only 9 months, with tools you probably have around the home
0878575103, 9780878575107
Rodale Press 1984 English 113 fb2 GET

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