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746213 Heidi Lam, Tamara Munzner A Guide to Visual Multi-Level Interface Design from Synthesis of Empirical Study Evidence
1608455920, 9781608455928
Morgan & Claypool 2011 117 English 2 pdf GET
306222 Thomas Sowell Affirmative Action Around the World: An Empirical Study [1St Edition]
9780300101997, 0300101996
Yale University Press 2004 252 English 949 pdf GET
393563 Thomas Sowell Affirmative Action Around the World: An Empirical Study [1St Edition]
0300101996, 9780300101997, 9780300128352
Yale University Press 2004 252 English 943 pdf GET
1377612 Sarah Forster-Heinzer (auth.) Moral Development and Citizenship Education
Against All Odds: An Empirical Study about the Situative Pedagogical Ethos of Vocational Trainers
978-94-6209-941-8, 978-94-6209-939-5, 978-94-6209-940-1
SensePublishers 2015 343 English 4 pdf GET
1093665 Thiess Büttner (auth.) ZEW Economic Studies 2
Agglomeration, Growth, and Adjustment: A Theoretical and Empirical Study of Regional Labor Markets in Germany [1 ed.]
978-3-7908-1160-5, 978-3-642-51188-2, 3-7908-1146-7
Physica-Verlag Heidelberg 1999 207 English 5 pdf GET
1019017 Stephen Shortell; Julie Schmittdiel; Margaret Wang; Rui Li; Robin Gillies An Empirical Assessment of High-Performing Medical Groups: Results from a National Study [2nd ed.] Sage Publications 241 English 5 pdf GET
623776 Jean-Marie Hombert, Larry M. Hyman Center for the Study of Language and Information - CSLI Lecture Notes 99
Bantu Historical Linguistics: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives
1575862042, 9781575862040
CSLI Publications 1999 606 English 35 pdf GET
980621 Sandra Meister (auth.) Brand Communities for Fast Moving Consumer Goods: An Empirical Study of Members’ Behavior and the Economic Relevance for the Marketer [1 ed.]
978-3-8349-4054-4, 978-3-8349-4055-1
Gabler Verlag 2012 292 English 3 pdf GET
1469242 Barbara Kleine-Kalmer (auth.) Innovatives Markenmanagement
Brand Page Attachment: An Empirical Study on Facebook Users’ Attachment to Brand Pages [1 ed.]
978-3-658-12438-0, 978-3-658-12439-7
Gabler Verlag 2016 XVII, 239 English 4 pdf GET
1469013 Anne Laaredj-Campbell (auth.) Edition Centaurus - Sozioökonomische Prozesse in Asien, Afrika und Lateinamerika
Changing Female Literacy Practices in Algeria: Empirical Study on Cultural Construction of Gender and Empowerment [1 ed.]
978-3-658-11632-3, 978-3-658-11633-0
VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften 2016 XVIII, 394 English 9 pdf GET
1033907 Prof. Jacob A. Belzen (auth.), Prof. Jacob A. Belzen (eds.) Changing the Scientific Study of Religion: Beyond Freud?: Theoretical, Empirical and Clinical Studies from Psychoanalytic Perspectives [1 ed.]
978-90-481-2539-5, 978-90-481-2540-1
Springer Netherlands 2009 319 English 3 pdf GET
462218 Helmut Forstner, Robert H. Ballance Competing in a Global Economy: An Empirical Study on Trade and Specialization in Manufactures [1 ed.]
9780044456193, 0044456190, 0203168771, 9780203168776, 9780203284933
1990 248 English 2 pdf GET
1023334 Sasa Saric Strategisches Kompetenz-Management
Competitive Advantages through Clusters: An Empirical Study with Evidence from China [2012 ed.]
3834935530, 9783834935533
Gabler Verlag 2012 266 English 2 pdf GET
980638 Saša à arić (auth.) Strategisches Kompetenz-Management
Competitive Advantages through Clusters: An Empirical Study with Evidence from China
978-3-8349-3553-3, 978-3-8349-3554-0
Gabler Verlag 2012 XXI, 236p. 48 illus.. English 2 pdf GET
980134 Alexander Benlian (auth.) Content Infrastructure Management: Results of an empirical study in the print industry [1 ed.]
978-3-8350-0368-2, 978-3-8350-5700-5
Deutscher Universitätsverlag 2006 246 English 2 pdf GET
588809 Thomas Kieselbach, Sebastiano Bagnara, Hans de Witte, Louis Lemkow, Wilmar Schaufeli Coping with Occupational Transitions: An Empirical Study with Employees Facing Job Loss in Five European Countries (Psychology of Social Inequality)
3531152378, 9783531152370
Vs Verlag 2009 335 English 1 pdf GET
1051676 Mark Broere Decision-Making in Private Equity Firms: An Empirical Study of Determinants and Rules [2014 ed.]
3658037792, 9783658037796
Springer Gabler 2013 234 English 4 pdf GET
1020910 Mark Broere (auth.) Decision-Making in Private Equity Firms: An Empirical Study of Determinants and Rules [1 ed.]
978-3-658-03779-6, 978-3-658-03780-2
Gabler Verlag 2014 212 English 2 pdf GET
258706 Robert J. Barro Lionel Robbins Lectures
Determinants of Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Empirical Study
0262024217, 9780262024211, 0262024217
The MIT Press 1997 160 English 404 zip GET
632839 Robert J. Barro Determinants of Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Empirical Study (Lionel Robbins Lectures)
0262522543, 9780262522540
The MIT Press 1998 English 357 chm GET
667647 Lok C. Lew Yan Voon Electronic and Optical Properties of Semiconductors: A Study Based on the Empirical Tight Binding Model 264 English 7 pdf GET
1175978 Kasper Boye Empirical Approaches to Language Typology 43
Epistemic Meaning: A Crosslinguistic and Functional-Cognitive Study
978-3-11-021903-6, 978-3-11-020438-4, 3110219034
De Gruyter Mouton 2012 392 English 2 pdf GET
560288 Kerstin Groß Equity Ownership and Performance: An Empirical Study of German Traded Companies (Contributions to Economics) [1 ed.]
3790819336, 9783790819335, 9783790819342
2007 373 English 2 pdf GET
1480353 Petter Gottschalk (auth.) Financial Crime and Knowledge Workers: An Empirical Study of Defense Lawyers and White-Collar Criminals
978-1-349-48224-5, 978-1-137-38716-5
Palgrave Macmillan US 2014 English 2 pdf GET
981220 P.K. Jain, Shveta Singh, Surendra Singh Yadav (auth.) India Studies in Business and Economics
Financial Management Practices: An Empirical Study of Indian Corporates [1 ed.]
978-81-322-0989-8, 978-81-322-0990-4
Springer India 2013 389 English 4 pdf GET

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 Г.Г.Гильо, Д.В.Константинов
Фомин, Шилов. (ред.)
Ulf Grenander
J. Michael Steele
Luc Tartar (auth.)
Амелькин В.В.
Клемент Ф., Хейманс Х., и др.
Желнорович В.А.
Martini H., Swanepoel K., Weiss G.
Carothers N.L.
Tom St Denis
Walsh B.
Jens M. Melenk
Andrew Ilachinski
Mokhtar S. Bazaraa, John J. Jarvis
Измаилов А.Ф., Солодов М.В.
Налимов В.В., Голикова Т.И.
Стоян Ю.Г., Яковлев С.В.
Michel Talagrand
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