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1293485 Markus Vollmer (auth.) BestMasters
A Beta-return Efficient Portfolio Optimisation Following the CAPM: An Analysis of International Markets and Sectors [1 ed.]
978-3-658-06633-8, 978-3-658-06634-5
Gabler Verlag 2015 124 English 6 pdf GET
386085 Frederic S Mishkin A National Bureau of Economic Research monograph
A rational expectations approach to macroeconometrics: Testing policy ineffectiveness and efficient-markets models
0226531864, 9780226531861, 9780226531922
University of Chicago Press 1983 172 English 9 pdf GET
494520 Eugene F. Fama Efficient Capital Markets: II 44 English 909 pdf GET
901216 Maria Kopsakangas-Savolainen, Rauli Svento (auth.) Green energy and technology
Modern Energy Markets: Real-Time Pricing, Renewable Resources and Efficient Distribution [1 ed.]
9781447129721, 1447129725
Springer-Verlag London 2012 140 English 4 pdf GET
977489 George J. Benston, George G. Kaufman (auth.), George G. Kaufman (eds.) Reforming Financial Institutions and Markets in the United States: Towards Rebuilding a Safe and More Efficient System [1 ed.]
978-94-010-4616-9, 978-94-011-1404-2
Springer Netherlands 1994 188 English 8 pdf GET
678093 Ira W. Lieberman, World Bank Russia: creating private enterprises and efficient markets
0821331876, 9780821331873
World Bank Publications 1995 English 851 epub GET
1463210 Michael Firth (auth.) Studies in Finance and Accounting
The Valuation of Shares and the Efficient-Markets Theory
978-0-333-21410-7, 978-1-349-15819-5
Macmillan Education UK 1977 English 16 pdf GET

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 Andrzej K. Konopka, M. James C. Crabbe
Richard D. Jenks (auth.), Rainer Janßen (eds.)
E. C. Tupper, KJ Rawson
Заблонский, Белоконев, Щекин.
Морозов Н.Ф.
Fuchs L.
Расулов М.Л.
Arnold D.N.
Robinson J.C.
Егоров А.И.
Шишмарев И.А.
J. Meixner, F.W. Schäfke, G. Wolf
Neumann W.D.
Фиников С.П.
Александров П.С.
F. B. Hildebrand
Rubin H. Landau, Manuel José Páez Mejía
Paul-Louis George, Houman Borouchaki
Gerald Kaiser
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