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904665 Poenitz, W.P.; Argonne National Lab.; United States. Dept. of Energy. Office of Scientific and Technical Information Fast neutron capture and activation cross sections of niobium isotopes 1974 35 English 1 pdf GET
907062 Richard B Firestone; Andrej Trkov; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.; United States. Dept. of Energy. Office of Scientific and Technical Information.; USDOE Director. Office of Science. NuclearPhysicsInternational Atomic Energy Agency; All authors Summary Report : First Research Coordination Meeting on ReferenceDatabase for Neutron Activation Analysis 2001 104 English 1 pdf GET

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 Саврук М.П., Осив П.Н., Прокопчук И.В.
Time-Life Books
Босс В.
Р. Уилсон
Trygve Johnsen, Andreas Leopold Knutsen
Philippe Maisonobe
Vojislav Marić (auth.)
George M. Phillips
Дудучава Р.В.
Koshljakov N.S., Smirnov M.M., Gliner E.B.
Еругин Н.П.
Banach S.
Lokenath Debnath, Piotr Mikusinski
Yudell L. Luke
Ильина В.А., Силаев П.К.
Richard G. Lyons
Alfred Auslender, Marc Teboulle
Raymond M. Smullyan
Белов В.
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