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    7870 Paul G. Goerss, John F. Jardine Progress in Mathematics
    Simplicial Homotopy Theory [1 ed.]
    9783764360641, 376436064X
    Birkhäuser Basel 1999 546 English 3 djvu GET1 GET2
    7871 Paul G. Goerss, John F. Jardine Modern Birkhäuser Classics
    Simplicial homotopy theory [1 ed.]
    9783034601887, 3034601883
    Birkhäuser Basel 2009 547 English 3 pdf GET1 GET2
    496611 Paul G. Goerss, John F. Jardine Simplicial Homotopy Theory (Modern Birkhauser Classics) [1 ed.]
    3034601883, 9783034601887
    2009 520 English 2 pdf GET1 GET2
    273117 Paul G. Goerss, John F. Jardine Modern Birkhäuser Classics
    Simplicial Homotopy Theory (Progress in Mathematics) [1 ed.]
    3034601883, 9783034601887
    Birkhäuser Basel 2009 520 English 3 pdf GET1 GET2

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