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    1684353 Campbell Paul, Frances Thomson-Salo Campbell Paul, Frances Thomson-Salo - The Baby as Subject: Clinical Studies in Infant-Parent Therapy Karnac Books 2013 0 pdf GET1 GET2
    1685140 D. W. Winnicott, John Fielding, Alexander Newman, Miriam Rapp, Squiggle Foundation D. W. Winnicott, John Fielding, Alexander Newman, Miriam Rapp, Squiggle Foundation - Winnicott Studies No. 6 Karnac Books 1992 0 pdf GET1 GET2
    1576688 Jean Benjamin Stora Jean Benjamin Stora - A New Body-Mind Approach: Clinical Cases Karnac Books 2015 English 1 pdf GET1 GET2
    1684350 Mortimer Ostow Mortimer Ostow - Judaism & Psychoanalysis Karnac Books 1997 0 pdf GET1 GET2
    1685146 Peter Zagermann Peter Zagermann - The Future of Psychoanalysis: The Debate About the Training Analyst System Karnac Books 2016 0 pdf GET1 GET2
    1685136 Siegfried Zepf, Florian Daniel Zepf, Burkhard Ullrich, Dietmar Seel Siegfried Zepf, Florian Daniel Zepf, Burkhard Ullrich, Dietmar Seel - Oedipus and the Oedipus Complex: A Revision Karnac Books 2016 0 pdf GET1 GET2
    1685139 Squiggle Squiggle - Winnicott Studies No. 11 Karnac Books 1996 0 pdf GET1 GET2
    1285184 James S. Grotstein "But at the Same Time and on Another Level...". Volume 1, Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique in the Kleinian/Bionian Mode
    1855757869, 9781855757868
    Karnac Books 2009 400 English 2 pdf GET1 GET2
    1285185 James S. Grotstein "But at the Same Time and on Another Level...". Volume 2, Clinical Applications in the Kleinian/Bionian Mode
    1855757605, 9781855757608
    Karnac Books 2009 302 English 1 pdf GET1 GET2
    1285962 W. M. Bernstein A Basic Theory of Neuropsychoanalysis
    1855758091, 9781855758094
    Karnac Books 2011 296 English 1 pdf GET1 GET2
    1285182 James S. Grotstein A beam of intense darkness : Wilfred Bion's legacy to psychoanalysis [English ed.]
    9781849405737, 1849405735
    Karnac Books 2007 395 English 2 pdf GET1 GET2
    1282965 Paulo Sandler A Clinical Application of Bion's Concepts, Volume 1: Dreaming, Transformation, Containment and Change [1st ed.]
    1855755688, 9781855755680
    Karnac Books 2009 392 English 5 pdf GET1 GET2
    1282966 P. C. Sandler A Clinical Application of Bion's Concepts, Volume 2: Analytic Function and the Function of the Analyst [1st ed.]
    1780490089, 9781780490083
    Karnac Books 2011 246 English 660 pdf GET1 GET2
    1282967 P. C. Sandler A Clinical Application of Bion's Concepts, Volume 3: Verbal and Visual Approaches to Reality [1st ed.]
    1780490682, 9781780490687
    Karnac Books 2013 320 English 997 pdf GET1 GET2
    1367874 Freud, Sigmund; Ringold, Jeannette K.; Reijzer, H. M. Karnac History of Psychoanalysis Ser.
    A dangerous legacy : Judaism and the psychoanalytic movement
    9781849409018, 1849409013, 9781855758582, 185575858X
    Karnac Books 2011 221 English, Dutch 595 pdf GET1 GET2
    761207 Penny Henderson Guide to supervision series, v. 1
    A Different Wisdom: Reflections on Supervision in Practice, Guide to Supervision
    1855756145, 9781855756144
    Karnac Books 2009 273 English 1 pdf GET1 GET2
    1502358 Michael Eigen A Felt Sense: More Explorations of Psychoanalysis and Kabbalah
    1782201025, 9781782201021
    Karnac Books 2014 128 English 624 pdf GET1 GET2
    1535327 Daniel Burston The History of Psychoanalysis Series
    A Forgotten Freudian: The Passion of Karl Stern
    178220346X, 9781782203469
    Karnac Books 2016 280 English 2 pdf GET1 GET2
    1367870 Cooper, Judy; Alfillé, Helen A guide to assessment for psychoanalytic psychotherapists
    9781849406208, 1849406200
    Karnac Books 2011 56 English 252 pdf GET1 GET2
    1515504 Penny Rawson A Handbook of Short-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
    1855753049, 9781855753044
    Karnac Books 2005 120 English 999 pdf GET1 GET2
    791357 Clare Huffington, Carol Cole, Halina Brunning Systemic thinking & practice genes
    A Manual of Organizational Development: Psychology of Change [1st ed.]
    1855751283, 978-1855751286
    Karnac Books 1997 112 English 3 pdf GET1 GET2
    1497273 Meg Harris Williams The Harris Meltzer Trust Series
    A Meltzer Reader
    1855757842, 9781855757844
    Karnac Books 2010 256 English 1 pdf GET1 GET2
    1362694 Bion, Wilfred R. A Memoir of the Future. Vols. 1-2-3 [Revised.]
    9780946439799, 0946439796
    Karnac Books, Stylus Publishing, LLC [Distributor 1990 0 English 8 pdf GET1 GET2
    1294841 Andrew A. Druck (ed.), Carolyn S. Ellman (ed.), Norbert Freedman (ed.), Aaron Thaler (ed.) CIPS Series on the Boundaries of Psychoanalysis
    A New Freudian Synthesis: Clinical Process in the Next Generation [1st ed.]
    1855758652, 9781855758650
    Karnac Books 2011 326 English 757 pdf GET1 GET2
    1500735 Neville Symington A Pattern of Madness
    1855752794, 9781855752795
    Karnac Books 2002 256 English 8 pdf GET1 GET2

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    P. R. Halmos
    Richard P. Stanley, Sergey Fomin
    S. Lang
    Shafarevich I.R. (ed.)
    Gerstenhaber M., Schack S.
    Под общ. ред. Апатенок Р. Ф.
    Беркли Э.
    Anthony W. Knapp
    M.D. Guzman
    Michel Chipot
    Сансоне Дж.
    Эскин Г.И.
    Ole Christensen
    Lebesgue H.
    Партон В.З., Перлин П.И.
    Ленг С.
    Darboux G.
    Берже М.
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