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1. Axiomatic stable homotopy theory Mark Hovey, John H. Palmieri, Neil P. Strickland djvu American Mathematical Society 3640206 English 1997 Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society [Download]
2. Value distribution of meromorphic functions Anatoly A. Goldberg and Iossif V. Ostrovskii pdf American Mathematical Society 5168135 English 2008 Translations of Mathematical Monographs [Download]
3. Mathematical statistics. Asymptotic minimax theory. Solutions manual Korostelev A.P., Korosteleva O. pdf American Mathematical Society 311787 English 2011 [Download]
4. Operators, oscillations, waves (open systems) Livsic, Moshe S. pdf American Mathematical Society 16174630 English 1973 Translations of mathematical monographs 34. [Download]
5. A Course in Metric Geometry Dmitri Burago, Yuri Burago, and Sergei Ivanov pdf American Mathematical Society 9784785 English 2001 [Download]
6. Ramsey Theory on the Integers Bruce M. Landman, Aaron Robertson pdf American Mathematical Society 23538472 English 2004 Student Mathematical Library, Vol. 24 Student Mathematical Library, V. 24 [Download]
7. Imbeddings of three-manifold groups Francisco Gonzalez-Acuna, Wilbur C. Whitten djvu American Mathematical Society 2122835 English 1992 Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society 474 [Download]
8. Selected Topics in Integral Geometry I. M. Gelfand, S. G. Gindikin, M. I. Graev pdf American Mathematical Society, 5992797 English 2003 Translations of Mathematical Monographs [Download]
9. KP or mKP : noncommutative mathematics of Lagrangian, Hamiltonian, and integrable systems Boris A. Kupershmidt pdf American Mathematical Society 38321262 English 2000 Mathematical Surveys and Monographs [Download]
10. Distribution of Values of Holomorphic Mappings (Translations of Mathematical Monographs) B. V. Shabat pdf American Mathematical Society 5288381 English 1985 [Download]
11. Circle in a box Sam Vandervelde pdf Mathematical Sciences Research Institute; American Mathematical Society 3006232 English 2009 MSRI mathematical circles library 2 [Download]
12. Algebraic and Geometric Topology James R. Milgram djvu American Mathematical Society 5233899 English 1978 Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics [Download]
13. Moment Maps, Cobordisms, and Hamiltonian Group Actions Karshon, Yael; Ginzburg, Viktor L.; Guillemin, Victor djvu American Mathematical Society 3040887 English 2002 Mathematical surveys and monographs no. 98 [Download]
14. Pseudo-differential Operators and the Nash-Moser Theorem Serge Alinhac and Patrick Gerard djvu American Mathematical Society 2456629 English 2007 Graduate Studies in Mathematics [Download]
15. Intuitive Topology V.V. Prasolov pdf American Mathematical Society 38423515 English 1995 Mathematical World, Vol 4 [Download]
16. Topological quantum computation Zhenghan Wang pdf Published for the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences by the American Mathematical Society 5711091 English 2008 Regional conference series in mathematics, no. 112 [Download]
17. Essays on Numbers and Figures V. V. Prasolov djvu American Mathematical Society 560412 English 2000 Mathematical world 16 [Download]
18. Monotone Dynamical Systems: An Introduction to the Theory of Competitive and Cooperative Systems Hal L. Smith djvu American Mathematical Society 2280619 English 2008 Mathematical Surveys and Monographs 41 [Download]
19. Brown-Peterson Homology: An Introduction and Sampler (Cbms Regional Conference Series in Mathematics 48) W. Stephen Wilson pdf American Mathematical Society 4642162 English 1982 Cbms Regional Conference Series in Mathematics 48 [Download]
20. Provability, Complexity, Grammars Lev Beklemishev, Mati Pentus, Nikolai Vereschagin djvu American Mathematical Society 2478862 English 1999 American Mathematical Society translations, Series 2, Volume 192 [Download]
21. Random Walk Intersections: Large Deviations and Related Topics Xia Chen pdf American Mathematical Society 2041886 English 2010 Mathematical Surveys and Monographs volume 157 [Download]
22. Linear and Nonlinear Perturbations of the Operator V. G. Osmolovskii djvu American Mathematical Society 1204441 English 1997 Translations of Mathematical Monographs, v.160 [Download]
23. Invariant theory Mara D. Neusel djvu American Mathematical Society 1710279 English 2007 Student mathematical library 36 [Download]
24. Modern Spherical Functions Masaru Takeuchi djvu American Mathematical Society 2459202 English 1994 Translations of Mathematical Monographs [Download]
25. Higher Regulators, Algebraic K-Theory, and Zeta Functions of Elliptic Curves (CRM Monograph Series) Spencer J. Bloch djvu American Mathematical Society, Centre de Recherches Mathematiques 3333631 English 2000 [Download]
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