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    493257 Pierre Bourdieu, Loic Wacquant An Invitation to Reflexive Sociology
    9780745610320, 0745610323
    Polity Press 1992 348 English 13 pdf GET1 GET2
    769260 Pierre Bourdieu, Loïc Wacquant An Invitation to Reflexive Sociology
    0745610331, 9780745610337
    POLITY PRESS 1992 349 English 6 pdf GET1 GET2
    1446626 Loïc Wacquant As Prisões da Miséria 1999 121 Portuguese 2 pdf GET1 GET2
    402578 Loic Wacquant Body & Soul: Notebooks of an Apprentice Boxer
    0195168356, 9780195168358
    2003 288 English 16 pdf GET1 GET2
    521269 Loic Wacquant Das Janusgesicht des Ghettos und andere Essays (Bauwelt Fundamente) [1 ed.]
    3764374616, 9783764374617
    2006 208 German 2 pdf GET1 GET2
    448544 Loic Wacquant El misterio del ministerio. Pierre Bourdieu y la politica democratica [1st ed.]
    8497840356, 9788497840354
    Gedisa Editorial 2005 231 Spanish 16 pdf GET1 GET2
    1426255 Javier Auyero, Loïc Wacquant Invisible in Austin : life and labor in an American city [First edition]
    1477303642, 978-1-4773-0364-1, 978-1-4773-0365-8, 1477303650, 978-1-4773-0366-5, 978-1-4773-0367-2, 58-2015-976-4
    University of Texas Press 2015 271 English 11 epub GET1 GET2
    511324 Loic Wacquant Las Carceles de La Miseria (Spanish Edition) [1st. ed.]
    9875000434, 9789875000438
    2000 187 Spanish 9 pdf GET1 GET2
    1446627 Loïc Wacquant Punir os pobres - a nova gestão da miséria nos EUA Editora Revan / Instituto carioca de criminologia 2003 85 Portuguese 20 pdf GET1 GET2
    666080 Loïc Wacquant Punishing the Poor: The Neoliberal Government of Social Insecurity (a John Hope Franklin Center Book)
    082234422X, 9780822344223
    Duke University Press Books 2009 211 English 15 pdf GET1 GET2
    448163 Pierre Bourdieu, Loic J. D Wacquant Reponses
    9782020146753, 2020146754
    1992 260 French 2 djvu GET1 GET2
    684214 Pierre Bourdieu, Loic J. D. Wacquant, Samar Farage Rethinking the State: Genesis and Structure of the Bureaucratic Field 19 English 465 pdf GET1 GET2
    1307160 Jeffrey Ian Ross, Loic Wacquant Critical Issues in Crime and Society
    The Globalization of Supermax Prisons
    978-0-8135-5740-3, 978-0-8135-5741-0, 978-0-8135-5742-7
    Rutgers University Press 2013 240 English 1013 pdf GET1 GET2
    483801 Pierre Bourdieu, Loic Wacquant The State Nobility: Elite Schools in the Field of Power [1 ed.]
    0804733465, 9780804733465
    1998 504 English 86 pdf GET1 GET2
    666082 Loïc Wacquant Urban Outcasts: A Comparative Sociology of Advanced Marginality [1 ed.]
    0745631258, 9780745631257
    Polity 2007 176 English 23 pdf GET1 GET2

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